How “Wild” will you go ?

October 2022

We are delighted to share this amazing photo of “Harry” Stuart & Jane’s Hi-line Leisure van exploring a bit more of Ireland’s coastline.

Get-a-way geese go “wild” in Ireland

September 2022

Hi-line Leisure Van owners Stuart & Jane are so keen to test their recently retro fitted Lithium battery “Off grid pack” they have decided to celebrate Stuarts retirement year with a 10 week tour of the wild Atlantic coast. We look forward to more videos and encourage you to subscribe to to enjoy Stuart and Janes entertaining and amazing resource of information.

What did you do this Summer?

August 2022

We are delighted to share pictures and comments from new Hi-line MRV owners Carol & Pete

“Auto campers have been really helpful from start to finish with our campervan purchase. We have thoroughly enjoyed our driving and camping experience with our Ford Transit MRV campervan. Mileage creeping up, but that’s what it’s for, and seven countries visited.”

The only way is up!

July 2022

Day Van owners Melvyn, Lyn and Daughter Jenny swapped their 2018 Lo-line for a new 2022 pop top Day van this week complete with bespoke graphics.

Lithium “Off grid” battery pack reviewed

July 2022

Getaway Geese Vloggers Stewart & Jane recently got in touch to share their thoughts on upgrading “Harry” their Hi-line Leisure van with the Auto Campers “Off grid” battery pack.

Stewart said “I am super pleased as after 6 days the battery is still in the 13volt + reading and just gone to 89% state of charge. Lifos recently told me it would auto shutdown at around 11.2 volts so I reckon we may well have been able to stay out a few more days.”

Sitting Comfortably

June 2022

Roy Wood Transits used their extensive Mobility engineering skills to configure and fit a six way powered single passenger seat for new owners Jane and her Mum. Jane’s Mum now has the freedom to enter their vehicle in a wheelchair, bring the passenger seat back and rotate for an easy transfer, and then to rotate and slide forward to enjoy the journey alongside Jane sat in the drivers seat.

Sitting Comfortably 1
Sitting Comfortably 2
Sitting Comfortably 3
Sitting Comfortably 4
Sitting Comfortably 5
Sitting Comfortably 6

Barry & Gill’s NC500

June 2022

Creative thinking Barry optimised the Innovative Auto adapt Turney Evo seat fitted to their Auto Campers typically used to rotate and lower for dignified wheelchair transfer when visiting their Daughter. Barry parked adjacent to his Daughter’s Camper side, sliding door for them all to enjoy a multi-generational picnic on the North coast 500.

Auto Campers in the fast lane!

April 2022

Donnington was the season’s opener for Jack Wood (Grandson of Roy Wood)
A solid 4th was a great result competing in a very bright 3ltr BMW Z4 in the 2022 Zcars championship.

Home cinema in a Camper!

April 2022

No, this isn’t a late April fool, but the innovative concept from Day van owner Tony, who configured a celexon pop up mini screen 111 x 62cm 16:9 to fit in the pop top roof space above the cab seats with projection from a Samsung freestyle projector. What’s not to like!

Meet Lewis & Harris

April 2022

Highland Auto campers proprietor’s Mark & Alicia continue to invest and update their Auto Camper Hire fleet with “Lewis” a new chrome blue, pop top Leisure van and “Harris” a new Kapoor red pop top Leisure van. Don’t delay, check availability now and enjoy the North coast 500 in 2022. Each Camper comes with complete with Webasto heating and air con, plus all-inclusive no hidden cost competitive pricing.

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