August 2023

Keen paddle boarders Penny & Richard live just 4 miles from the coast and wanted the convenience of inflated boards ready for the water.

We respect a Camper is a big investment and has to deliver on many levels, so when Penny asked if they could bring their electric bikes and paddle boards with them to view a Hi-line day van, we actively encouraged them and spent several hours demonstrating how versatile the compact Day van is and how it can accommodate so many life styles!

We look forward to seeing Penny and Richard again in November when they pick up their new Hi-line Day van.

Wheelchair Accessible Camper

August 2023

Innovative Auto Campers meet Braun Innovation to create a wheelchair occupants’ ability to easily transfer from wheelchair to pop top, Day van, camper via a Braun Turney orbit seat designed specifically to lift and rotate an occupant from ground wheelchair height to the higher floor level of a Camper.

We specified and fitted a Braun Turney orbit and the 100kg carolift 4 way wheelchair hoist to preserve the space and function of the Day van camper for Sarah, Jonny, twins and their disabled son. The Turney Orbit also provides the advantage of minimal room alongside the vehicle to enable transfer in restricted space, and once transferred the occupant travels in a reclining automotive quality M1 tested travel seat complete with integral lap and diagonal safety belt.

Roy Wood Transits are southern dealers for Auto Campers and gained Motability accreditation in 2011. Steve Wood has a wealth of mobility equipment knowledge and enjoys the challenges of these life changing conversions; he welcomes conversation to explore your individual specific needs and aspirations.

What goes up, Must come down!

July 2023

Parents Sarah & Jonny came to us with one of our biggest mobility challenges to date!

How can Mum, Dad, twins, and their disabled son travel in comfort in an accessible fully functional 5 travel seat, 4 berth compact Camper, and transport a brilliantly designed, British made Tiny Trax child wheelchair

At 43kg, A safe and practical solution was needed to lift and rotate the Tiny trax wheelchair designed for kids aged 2 – 10 into the Auto Campers, short wheelbase, pop top, Day van. The solution was a Braun 100kg 4-way removeable carolift wheelchair hoist

Although the hoist is easily removeable if required, we configured it to lay flat and against the tailgate to optimise boot space and allow the suspended bed to function. We also configured bespoke lift points on the Tiny trax wheelchair to simply clip & connect with 3 hoist straps.

With every millimetre at a premium, we fabricated bespoke anchor points to bolt both the hoist and a turney orbit 2nd row fold flat seat to the Day vans, 6 rail M1 tested bonded floor system giving options to reconfigure, and to up cycle the equipment into their next Day van with no detriment to the Day van in the future.

Amazingly, the configuration of 2 x removable 3rd row fold flat seats provide safe and comfortable travel for the twins, and provides space in the middle of the Day van for each family member to be within easy reach, plus provides capacity for the family as they grow.

Please look out for our next post on how we Made our Day Van accessible with a Turney seat…

Day Van mobility options evolves!

July 2023

Inspired my our previous Auto Camper, Day Van, mobility solutions, Peter and his Wife identified the Day Vans modular design as a great solution to support their desire for independent travel.

Similar to the 2022 Day van we built for Rob and his Wife, Peter wanted the same easy tail lift rear access, the convenience of a kitchen module, BS10542 wheelchair and occupant restraints, plus the convenience and privacy of a toilet built for convenience with tuck-a-way platform and fold up support handles.

Our challenge posed by Peter and his wife was to incorporate a day bed for Peter’s Wife, the compromise was the intrusion of the tail lift into the habitation space typically occupied by the bed, the solution was to create new stops for the existing bed crossbeams, reduce and reconfigure the alloy slats and cushions. The result is the convenience of a transverse single day bed, or the option to reconfigure back to our standard full width / length suspended day van at any time if required in the future.

Whatever you want (nearly!)

June 2023

Auto Campers take pride in our modular designed Campers, but even our Innovative versatility doesn’t work for all the people all the time…..

Cheryl was attracted to our MRV Hi-line because she wanted a small compact Camper she could drive without hesitation, yet one that optimised her lifestyle. Our MRV offered most of what she wanted, but through conversation and time spent in our demonstrator, we learnt floor space was a high priority and our full width suspended bed compromised access from front seats to the rear doors.

The solution was to build a standard MRV, that still retained the option of a full width suspended bed, and then build a bespoke fixed full length LH side, single bed/seat with front travel crate for her much-loved dog and pragmatic storage under the bed, the whole system bolts securely to the MRV’s floor track, so could easily be taken in or out if required.

We love chatting Campers and our work with mobility customers allows us to find solutions with those who want that little bit more, we can’t change the integrity of our 3 models, but there is a lot we can do to tweak our designs to work for your lifestyle – just ask!

The NEC, and our 2023 plans

January 2023

We thank those of you who came and saw us at the NEC in October and really appreciate your orders taking us through until Autumn 2023, despite Ford closing their order books and continued delays with the supply of new vans & components.

One of the highlights for us at the NEC is to catch up and meet our customers old & new, but with limited van availability due to the model change and so much detail yet to learn about new Transit, we took the decision last year, not to exhibit at the NEC in February 2023.

We do have a handful of current model vans unallocated for Autumn build, which offer great value in comparison to predicted new 2023 model, with either a MRV, Leisure Van or Day van conversions available, in addition we may be able to offer our Eco-line conversion on customer owned vehicles or base vans competitively supplied by Roy Wood Transits later in the year.

Ford estimate the new Transit Custom low roof model could be available in September 2023, However, Ford advise our popular Hi-line models won’t be available until spring 2024.

We have already started working with the Ford Pro’s homologation team to support Auto Campers with the onerous testing & certification process to gain small series type approval, this combined with conversion R&D will lead to further delays for our New 2023 Auto Camper, but once we have our type approval this automatically promotes Auto Campers as one of the few professional Campers that are certified for quality and safety.

We would also like to remind you, we welcome the opportunity to service and repair your Auto Camper, Firth Campers in Sheffied offer conversion servicing & upgrades, Roy Wood Transits offer conversion & Ford servicing.

Roy Wood Transits would also like to hear from any current Auto Camper owners who are thinking of selling their Auto Camper, or owners who may consider part exchanging in 2024.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

Farewell 2022, Welcome 2023

December 2022

As we say goodbye to the last of Covid restrictions, we also bid farewell to our longest serving Monach. With a new King and three Prime Ministers, It was all change in 2022

2022 also brought challenges to our industry, including; a worldwide shortage of semi-conductors, the burden of BREXIT import regimes, component & vehicle delays, inflation and the forever increasing fuel costs…….

However, despite the above challenges, Auto Campers remains positive and excited about 2023. We love the challenges our customers provide and exploring solutions to those who want so much more than a Leisure vehicle just for Holidays. We thank all existing and those new customers yet to experience the spontaneous opportunity that awaits.

2023 will be the year Ford offer the new Transit Custom, we have been fortunate to have seen it and we’re pleased to confirm the viability to build our Leisure Van, MRV & Day Van in both LWB & SWB, plus our 3 roof heights subject to potential R&D & homologation delays.

Many details about the new Transit Custom are subject to a non-disclosure agreement, but we can confirm the 2023 Transit Custom Auto Camper driving experience will be enhanced and more car like, but the fundamentals will remain constant.

From all of the Auto Camper team, we wish you a joy full Christmas & New year and ask you to consider us for your servicing needs in 2023 and let us remind you we are always grateful for the opportunity to buy back any of our Campers.

If you need us during the festive period, please see our Auto Campers South hours of business below:

23rd December 2022 Friday 08:30 – 18:00hrs
24th December 2022 Saturday 08:30 – 13:00hrs
25th December 2022 Sunday Closed
26th December 2022 Monday Closed
27th December 2022 Tuesday Closed
28th December 2022 Wednesday 08:30 – 18:00hrs
29th December 2022 Thursday 08:30 – 18:00hrs
30th December 2022 Friday 08:30 – 18:00hrs
31st December 2022 Saturday 08:30 – 13:00hrs
1st January 2023 Sunday Closed
2nd January 2023 Monday Closed
3rd January 2023 Tuesday 08:30 – 18:00hrs


November 2022

Mobility specialist and Auto Campers south dealer Roy Wood Transits have been able to use their extensive knowledge to engineer solutions for Rob and his Wife to use a Hi-line Day Van as the foundations for bespoke mobility options including a telescopic linear platform tail lift that reduces in height as it stows to maintain rear visibility. Wheelchair & occupant restraints for safe comfortable journeys without the need to transfer on shorter journeys and a bespoke polypropylene slide in portable toilet shelf to aid easy transfer complete with folding grab rails and load lock side rail tracks.

Ready & Waiting

October 2022

A brilliant and very busy 1st day, great to see some familiar faces and thank you again for those who ordered today, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday sold out, and over 115,000 pre-sold tickets, this show looks likely to smash all previous shows.


October 2022

Come along and visit us in Hall 11 and say hello, we will be exhibiting a Pop top MRV, Hi-line Day Van and a Hi-line Leisure van with Vari-mount sliding seat.

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