Memories shared.

March 2024

We’re delighted to share these four awesome images from Carol & Pete in their MRV Hi-line who visited Ireland last Summer, we think the pictures are so atmospheric of the lifestyle we all enjoy and encourage any other Auto Camper owners that captures tyoheir lifestyle moment to forward and allow us to share with the Auto Camper community.



March 2024

Ingenious new Hi-line Leisure van owner Rhys initially considered our MRV Hi-line to transport their 8ft electric tandem bike, but they also wanted the convenience of a rock n roll style bed with a quick transition to a safe travel seat.

The answer was our vari-mount sliding seat, together with additional bespoke floor rails to secure a quick release designed prototype bike frame spanning the seat longitudinally in its lay flat position.

We applaud Rhys’s ingenuity and look forward to seeing further development from prototype to a lighter aluminium frame also able to carry two single bikes.


Auto Campers, top dog!

February 2024

We’re delighted to share these wonderful images from new Hi-line MRV owner Sophie, Jasper is definitely a top dog enjoying the heated cab seat and we can see who rules the nest 😊

Auto Campers top dog
Top Dog 2

2 or 4 wheels ?

February 2024

Lesley & Andy enjoyed both 2 and 4 wheels last Summer with their Hi-line MRV after lovingly restoring their 1952 French Motoconfort C45S 125cc motor bike, but would they want to ride a 72 year old bike 340 miles to Seraucourt in France?

The answer was simple, pop their bike in the back of the MRV Hi-line and spend a 6 day trip to France to meet & ride with likeminded bike enthusiasts.


2024 – How far will you go?

January 2024

It’s that time of year to think about where you may go this year?

Need inspiration? Then look no further than Jane & Stewarts Get-a-way Geese you tube Vlog:

Back in November 2018, camper novices Jane & Stewart took delivery of “Harry” a Hi-line Leisure van, their Vlogs are both fun and informative, we thank Stewart and Jane for their efforts and time to independently produce interesting videos about recent trips and travel. We know how much they are liked in the Auto Camper community and encourage you to subscribe to their Vlog.

We want your Auto Camper !

January 2024

Please contact us here in Reading if you ever contemplate selling your Auto Camper. Our first wish is we want you to continue enjoying your Camper, However if for whatever reason you think someone else may enjoy your Camper as much as you have, either now or in the future, we want to hear from you.

We offer a fair value buy back, because we are best placed to offer the next owner a professional service, confidence, and aftersales support, plus we make any buy back transaction easy and stress free with same day money transfer.

If you have a 2018 or newer MRV pop top, we met Mark and his family at the NEC in October who have special needs for an MRV and have asked us to reach out to our Auto Camper community in the hope an MRV pop top may become available, please do let us know if your MRV pop top is available for us to buy back and help Mark and his family.

We want your camper

HELLO 2024, year of the CONVERSION ONLY

January 2024

Due to continued delays with new Transit Custom, we have production capacity to offer our Leisure Van, MRV & Day Van conversions to anyone who has a 2013 – 2023 Transit Custom 300 Limited with twin sliding doors. For those with just a single LH side, sliding door we offer our Classic model in both Rock n roll bed format and tracked floor with suspended bed format. Essentially the Classic is very similar to the Leisure Van & MRV, but the fridge door is hinged and inward opening. Please call to check Transit Custom qualifying specification and compatibility.

If you are considering additional options or upgrades for your Auto Camper, please contact us whilst we have production capacity to enjoy in 2024.

duck egg blue


October 2023

New Hi-line, MRV owner Christine visited us at the NEC in October 2022 and has patiently waited nearly a year to find a Camper that would accommodate all her past times and interests.

As well as the need to securely move bikes inside her camper with a quick release system optimising the floor track, we were also challenged with how to fit a Canadian canoe on a roof rack that provided a low profile aesthetic when the canoe wasn’t on the roof rack & removable if required.

The solution was to bond and mechanical fixt Karitec rails to the steel roof prior to fitting the headlining, then add 3 Thule cross bars and feet bolted to karitec rails. By careful positioning the cross bars, the bar upstands and a centre packer enabled the Canadian Canoe to be supported with 6 contact points and easy loading from the rear.


Seven Days countdown!

October 2023

We look forward to meeting new and existing customers once again at the 2023 October Motorhome & Caravan show when doors open next Tuesday 17th and close 6 days later on Sunday the 22nd. Come and find us in Hall 11 stand 110, we are exhibiting a current model Transit Custom Leisure van pop top, MRV pop top and Hi-line Day Van. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have new model 2024 Transit Custom, but we can take orders!

Auto Campers


October 2023

Order your new 2024 Leisure van, MRV or Day van now! Available to order today, all 3 Auto Camper models continue to be available on the all new 2024 Transit Custom and the all new VW Transporter in 2025, The Ford and VW share the same platform and offer independent rear suspension, a 13” touchscreen facia along with many driver comfort aids as standard, the all new 8 speed automatic is expected to be popular along with future high output engines and all wheel drive and battery electric vehicles. Click here to view our new price list


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