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Hidden talents

July 2018

Day Van owners Alan & Megan have impressed us with their stunning photography, if ever a picture could shout a 1,000 words!

Sunshine in Scotland

July 2018

Highland Auto campers plans for growth include a recent move to a Cottage with stunning views, ancillary buildings and extra Camper parking, why not get in touch and Hire their MRV pop top to explore the North coast 500 today?

What goes up, must come down

July 2018

Keen sea canoeists Steve & Leslie shared these images of their Karitec loading system which makes boat loading safe, secure and simple.

How many other campers can offer 4 travel seats, 2 berths and amazing storage, plus transport 2 sea canoes and 2 bikes in so much comfort for every season?

The compact design has meant Steve & Leslies can drive and park almost any anywhere without hesitation ?

NOW you see it, NOW you don’t!

July 2018

Auto Campers North have just fitted a Brink detachable towbar to a Transit Custom MRV pop top which hopefully mitigates the need for our customer to where shin pads every time they load their huge boot!


July 2018

We can now offer improved Pop top insulated covers, the new design includes zipped side windows and hopefully extends your season beyond our glorious Summer!

Tango Auto Camper MRV

July 2018

Hot off the production line and awaiting collection is our first 2018 model MRV Hi-line in Orange glow, we think its brilliant and sits very well against the crisp gloss white and slate work surfaces.

New 2018 Day Van Tourneo demonstrator

July 2018

Visit Auto Campers South and view our new Chrome blue, Day Van, Tourneo, Lo line and find out for yourself why we proclaim our Campers optimise “Intelligent versatility”.

MRV 6 burner BBQ

July 2018

3 generations & 26 Family members celebrated this weekend around a 6 burner gas BBQ, transported in our MRV along with 4 passengers an amplifier and a few bottles😊

Zcars BMW MSVR Race No1: Silverstone

June 2018

Sunday saw novice driver Steve Wood (MD Auto Campers South) on track for his first ever race where he qualified 10th, Ambition unfortunately exceeded ability for race one with a spin, but race two produced a solid 4th.

K9 friendly camper hire in Scotland

June 2018

Book now and travel the North coast 500 this summer in a new ultimate spec, MRV pop top!
Bag a great deal today @ £100 per day introductory rate, contact Highland Auto Campers for more information.

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