We want your Auto Camper !

January 16th, 2024

Please contact us here in Reading if you ever contemplate selling your Auto Camper. Our first wish is we want you to continue enjoying your Camper, However if for whatever reason you think someone else may enjoy your Camper as much as you have, either now or in the future, we want to hear from you.

We offer a fair value buy back, because we are best placed to offer the next owner a professional service, confidence, and aftersales support, plus we make any buy back transaction easy and stress free with same day money transfer.

If you have a 2018 or newer MRV pop top, we met Mark and his family at the NEC in October who have special needs for an MRV and have asked us to reach out to our Auto Camper community in the hope an MRV pop top may become available, please do let us know if your MRV pop top is available for us to buy back and help Mark and his family.

We want your camper

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